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Client Testimonials

…We always felt as though we were her only client, which spoke volumes as we knew that was not the case.
I think she should consider changing her title to “Buyer’s Trainer/Coach”, because I think I know more about houses and the purchasing process than I ever expected.
When we are in the market to purchase another home, we will use Christina without a doubt.

–Gigi & Damion

…That’s the day I realized that what makes a truly exceptional buyer agent is not a person who will show you as many houses as you have the stamina to tour, but one who makes the effort to really listen and pay attention to what you want and need, and knows the market and inventory well enough to focus the search on the homes that are right for you.


Christina is one-of-a-kind. You will not find another person in this city who is more passionate and has taken residential real estate to the next level. She never stops learning, and if she does not have an answer, she will find an expert who does. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, or someone who has bought numerous homes, Christina will provide insight and knowledge that you could have not obtained on your own (unless you quit your day job, were involved in real estate from the time you were five, and had a sixth sense about people, etc.)

-Laura & Joe

Christina is amazing!
She knows everything to know about in-town reality, and she’ll make sure you get the best deal possible.
We went out of the country as soon as we were under contract and Christina took care of EVERYTHING!
If you are looking to buy property in Atlanta, you’d be crazy not to contact

-Michael & Ashley

When my wife and I started the search for our first house, I had a big chip on my shoulder about realtors; I assumed that while some were better than others, all of them basically wanted to get us in a house, get their commission and move on as quickly as possible.
Christina proved me wrong. She helped us… at our own pace. …it always felt like we were getting an education and never a sales pitch. …and left me with no doubt that our best interest was always her first priority.
Do yourself a favor and talk to several buyer’s agents before you make a decision. They’re not all the same, and when you find the right one, it makes a world of difference.

-Drew & Laia

… She was very observant and would notice even little things, like seemingly small cracks from settling or a lack of caulking in the bathroom, that could possibly end up being expensive repairs. She really went out of her way to expect every inch of the house, from the crawl space to the attic, and would point out key features and ideas for how to use the space.
…We were pleasantly surprised by how fast the whole process went– it took us less than a month and half to find and close on our new home!

-Ben & Mary

…She has a great team behind her and is extremely responsive to any questions. We bought our house officially 7 weeks after contacting Christina.
She was able to point out little visual clues about the houses we were looking at and tell us a little history behind some of the structures in the house.

–Nicole & Chad

…Her connections are what proved to be the most advantageous to me, as the property I ended up selecting (and now owning!) was in the process of being renovated by a local contracting company… and had not even gone to market yet…
Based on my experiences with her, I would absolutely recommend her to friends, family, anyone, and I have!


…She has a lot of knowledge both of the different in town neighborhoods as well as what to look for in a home. She will point out what is wrong with a home, which is crucial so you know what you are buying!
She is always on time, very thorough when walking through a home with you, very communicative/responsive, honest and actually really a fun person! Give her a call!

-Fitz & Britney

My husband and I are commitment phobes!…. We are slow to enter into relationships, slow to make any big decisions, and slow on making moderate to large purchases. Our excellent buyer’s agent, Christina Rumbaugh, did not try to change this about us. Instead, she gave us time, space, and a wealth of knowledge and resources to help us feel comfortable with the process of buying a home.

–Laura & Matt

Christina was tremendous! She has great expertise of the Intown Atlanta market and that quickly enabled us to become focused buyers. Christina has a true passion for homes of all kinds and an extensive knowledge of architecture and spotting a quality build. She and her team were available to make our home buying process as thorough and as pleasant possible.
She’s patient and intuitive, kind and yet, a fierce negotiator. We got a solid price and we are perfectly settled in our new home. Such an amazing experience.

–Susan & Rob

Christina was amazing. She worked with us for six months in a frenzied housing market to find a house that suited us. Inventory was tight in the neighborhoods around East Atlanta where we wanted to live. Homes were being snapped up before they got on the market, especially ones in our price range.
When the right one came around, Christina was out of the state on a much-deserved vacation.
Our home and there were multiple offers within two days coming on the market. We had to move fast.
Christina had our back. She worked from 500 miles away to make sure we got the house at a price that made sense. Her advice was spot on.

–Willow & Rich

I used Christina to purchase my primary residence in 2009 and used her again to purchase an investment property in 2012. My main reasons for selecting Christina again to assist with our investment property is her attention to detail and her availability to answer a question or address an issue at a moment’s notice.
With both transactions, Christina was always proactive and made sure deadlines and deliverables were addressed through the entire process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a buyer’s agent.


My husband and I just bought our first house and were so pleasantly surprised at how easy and fun things were. …Another thing that we really loved about Christina was that when she showed us houses, she didn’t just take us through the house and look at aesthetics. She went in the crawl spaces, the attics, looked at the flooring, tiles, walls – everything.
Since we were living out of town, we only had one week to find a house. It was a tall order and didn’t seem extremely likely, but Christina came through. She showed us our house the day it was put on the market and got the house under contract over a single weekend.
We are so happy we were referred to Christina, and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the city!

-Dione & Alex

Christina was the perfect buyer agent. Her knowledge of the market was superb. She very quickly understood what my wife and I were looking for, and she found it for us.
She was never pushy, and allowed us to move at our pace. When it came time to negotiate, she was honest and worked hard to get the price we wanted. Would recommend Christina to anyone.

-Ashley & Josh.

Christina is a GEM! I bought my house over 3 years ago, but she still stands out in my memory because of her wonderful personality and overall knowledge of the home buying process. …I appreciated the fact that she does not use any high pressure sales tactics and lets you take your time and find the house that is right for you. You can tell that she loves what she does, which is why she is so good at it!! I would recommend her highly to any friends or relatives.


What can I say that wouldn’t be an understatement? I’ll try my best… If you are in the market to buy a home, you NEED Christina Rumbaugh as your buyer’s agent. My wife and I were first-time home buyers. We heard the horror stories. We read the ‘Home-Buying For Dummies’. We were mortified by the prospect of having to go through the process. …So I summoned up my courage, got on the interwebs, and up pops Christina as one of the highest rated buyer’s agents in our area. I said to myself, “Self, you need to call her.” And call her I did.
What followed was the smoothest, easiest, most-hassle free process of home-buying you could ever wish for! We are still in awe at how masterfully she guided us property virgins down the path to our first home. Again I can’t overstate this enough – you NEED Christina as your buyer’s agent! :)

-Bakari & Naima

…When it comes time to negotiate she’s top notch… she fought tooth-and-nail to get us the best deal and kept us informed every step of the way. She does not quit… she’s passionate about what she does, and is just a plain old good person..

-Ed & Erin

She really listens to what her clients are looking for and has a very keen understanding of the in-town market.

-Mandy & Brandon

Our mortgage underwriter said she had never seen a better written document from an agent. I would recommend Christina to anyone i knew looking for a real estate agent.

-Amber & Brian

While detail-oriented and a perfectionist, Christina also understood our needs and kept the big picture in mind as we navigated the process… she always had a pleasant demeanor and brought a great passion to the art of home buying.

-Ben & Meredith

As a first-time and, perhaps, last-time (my house is perfect, and let’s face it, moving is the worst) homebuyer, Christina was an absolute godsend. She was patient and incredibly helpful while i fine-tuned my wish list, and ensured that i saw anything and everything that might fit the bill…

-Alison & Milo

…Christina held our hands through the nerve-wracking process of negotiations, and she cheered our winning bid with the excitement of a close friend. We found our dream home…the perfect fit for us and our dogs. We enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking to experience warmth, honesty, and most importantly, fun during their search to find the perfect home.

-Candace & Mike

Christina is very honest, forthcoming, pleasant to work with, responsive, and dedicated to her clients… She does a lot of listening to try to understand what you’re looking for, and then she is very plain-speaking (which I appreciate a lot) about the reasons a particular property may or may not suit her buyer’s needs.

-Vic & Tish

…so many of the people we interviewed were about making us feel “good” about the process. Christina wanted us to feel “good” about the results. An important distinction that made all the difference.

-Josh & Martha

I wasn’t completely convinced that i needed to use a buyer’s agent. What a mistake that would have been. Christina is so knowledgeable about neighborhoods, the market, contracts, and especially (and this is hard to find) house systems. She is completely professional, super responsive, and downright fun to hang out with. My husband and I were slightly disappointed when we found a house…because that meant no more Saturdays with Christina.

-Leigh & Greg

…then i met Christina. She listened to what i really wanted… when we walked into a home, she knew it already and showed me pros and cons. Something other agents never did… the other agents that i worked with made me feel like i was working with a used car salesman, pressuring me into making offers “now”. Christina never did that. She told me the reality of situations and made me aware that i might miss my chance, but never pressured me.


Christina works harder than anyone should. She was always available to talk, email, and provide lots of insight into the neighborhoods i was looking at. She was also quite patient as we looked at many homes together before she found me the perfect one. If Christina is your agent, you are in good hands.


…we finally arrived at the “warm fuzzy” house. I think as soon as i walked in, Christina could tell that i thought this would be the one. …i submitted my very first offer ever, and that started one of the most exciting and anxious weeks of my life


Christina is a skilled negotiator and will get you the best possible price on a home. And if you end up in a multi-offer situation like we did, her advice on counter-offers is spot on. Christina really makes you feel like you are her only client. And it is the reason why, when it comes time to buy our next home, we will be sure to use her again.

-Jen & Jonah

Buying a home for the first time was scary, but Christina knew the area, knew the process, and took the time to get to know me. She went out of her way to make things as smooth as possible. Working full-time made it hard for me to coordinate everything, so Christina drove to my office on more than one occasion so i didn’t have to leave.


From my point of view, there are three compelling reasons why you should make Christina your partner in the home buying process:
She’s a great negotiator, has strict attention to detail, and will always keep you within your comfort zone.

-Morgan & Brendan

…at that point in time my wife and I knew that there was really only one person we could look towards to help us in our situation… Christina came through in more ways that one … we are so incredibly happy that we happened to reach out to the right person from the very start and that she stuck by us…

–Matt & Jenny

…Christina persevered and enabled us to find a solution that fit our needs. We recommend her to everyone we know – and will use her again when we are ready to move on.

–Susan & Michael

Christina did not rest until she found us our perfect home. She was always responsive—and extremely patient—throughout the whole house hunting and closing processes…

-Tim & Julie

…she kept me level-headed and explained everything. I would recommend Christina to anyone who is considering buying a home in the Atlanta area. Not only do you get a great agent, but an awesome friend! :)

-Lindsey & Jo

… she also hand-held us through a tough builder conflict long after closing was complete. She’s a full service agent.

–Cindy & Tammy

…we count ourselves as very savvy shoppers but Christina discovered a property for us to view that we wouldn’t have found on our own, and it turned out to be our dream house! She was a true dream to work with and we are forever grateful to her. If we ever need to move again, we will be calling Christina, whom we also now call our friend!

-Laurie & Billy

…she became a friend to us both and she’s probably the reason we managed to work out our differences over home choices and now are both very happy in our dream home and recently had a son which was the whole reason we got in the home buying process. If we could recommend Christina anymore than five stars we would—best buyer’s agent ever, and this is our fourth home. She will take care of you.

–Ed & Rich

Agent Testimonials

In my 12 years in Real Estate our transaction was one of the most professional I have ever had. …an awesome agent!

Leigh Schiff
Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta

Before I even put a house on the market, Christina is the one agent I call to see if she has a buyer for it. Her professionalism and organization compel me to want to work with her again and again. I now considerer her a dear friend and long-term business partner.

Tony Raffalovich
Keller Williams Realty Intown Atlanta

Just how am I supposed to express to everyone how awesome you are in only two sentences?

Lynne Garton
Avenue Realty

Christina is a pleasure to co-op with. I’ve worked on several deals with Christina and she has always been responsive, professional and friendly.

Roman Teyf
Keller Williams Realty Metro Atlanta

Thanks so much for such a professional, smooth and enjoyable co-op in East Atlanta. It was and is always is such a pleasure to work with you to get a house sold.

Jodi Patterson
Prudential Georgia Realty

Christina is a great partner to have in today’s real estate community. I am always most impressed by her non-wavering commitment to her client, and her professionalism in making the purchase of a home a positive experience for them.

Chrissie Burns Kallio
Sotheby’s International

I worked with Christina as a Buyer’s Agent on a listing at the Preserve East Atlanta and was extremely impressed at the time she took to review the contract and process of buying new construction with her clients.
Her thoroughness certainly made the experience of buying new construction a great experience for both the buyer as well as for the seller.
I love how Christina is very thorough in setting the correct expectations using the facts about the market and not the emotion of the buyer. I’m excited when Christina shows one of my listings because I know she has an educated buyer with her and that’s the first step to creating a smooth process for everyone involved.

Beth Ann Clanin
Keller Williams Realty Metro Atlanta