Christina’s many years as a Realtor has been somewhat unusual…

Christina was a practicing Buyer Agent Specialist from 2008 thru 2013. During that time she assisted hundreds of Intown Home Buyers find and buy their Intown homes. Helping to connect people with their home has been more than just a job; it’s been a passion. A passion for helping create solid Intown communities where people take pride in their homes and neighborhoods, knowing their neighbors and playing nearby. She staked both her career and her life in Intown Atlanta, and it has been the greatest pleasure assisting Intown Atlanta home buyers do the same.

In 2013 Christina was awakened to see the bigger picture when quite suddenly, from nearly every direction, her beloved clients were reaching to her for assistance again… only this time, they were Intown Atlanta Home Sellers and Christina suddenly had quite the delicious dilemma on her hands… It didn’t take her long to open her mind because the fact is her clients needed her help and expertise and Christina’s mission, always, is to serve. And serve she will.

And with that decision, Christina has embraced her new path and boldly made the jump from Buyer Specialist to Intown Specialist.

And It turns out that her years spent focused solely on the needs of Intown Atlanta Home Buyers is an unexpectedly fantastic way to begin a career in assisting Intown Atlanta Home Sellers! For Seller’s, Christina brings to the table something that has proven to be a rare commodity in a Listing focused Realtor… what is that little something that’s so special, you ask? Christina looks at every single home she walks through with the eye of a home buyer. After just a single walk through of your home she’ll tell you exactly how a buyer will view it. She will point out the very best of what’s there, those wonderful things about your home to really trumpet… and she’ll not mince any words when she’s making you aware of the genuine issues about your home that may make a sale at the very best price more difficult to achieve. Her mission is to help you to position your home in every way possible to create the best opportunity to take full advantage of whatever type Real Estate Market you find yourself facing.

Though the marketing machine Christina has built over these years is mighty powerful, she’s not, and will never be, a Realtor focused solely on the numbers. Christina can certainly market homes with the best of ‘em, but Christina is focused on selling your home…. and it turns out that one little thing makes a world of difference.