Why do you want to work with a Buyer’s specialist?

The Intown Agent is your advocate.

Spending her formative years as a Buyer’s Specialist means that Christina really knows the real estate experience from a buyer’s perspective. She is there to help you find the right house, in the right location, for the right price. Along with her knowledge of current market conditions, she’ll use her exceptional relationships and reputation with Intown Atlanta’s Listing Agents to negotiate the best deal possible for you. Christina is always focused on generating deals that are realistic and fair-minded, but her loyalty is to you, her buyer client.

The Intown Agent is your guide.

As both a Real Estate Professional and as and Intown Atlanta homeowner, Christina knows Intown Atlanta and Decatur. She knows the neighborhoods, the schools, and the local dives. She knows the plumbers, the carpenters, the handymen. She knows the best grocery store, the dry cleaners, and tattoo artists…and where to find the post office, the public library, the back way into the park, and when your new neighborhood is throwing it’s next festival.

The Intown Agent is your advisor.

In this constantly changing market, Christina knows her market stats and she knows her inventory. So when you work with Christina, you’ll have common-sense guidance to help you find your home in your neighborhood.

When you work with Christina, not only do you benefit from her deep technical knowledge on construction basics, you’ll also appreciate her solid knowledge of classic Atlanta architectural styles and the design hallmarks of each era.

With Christina, you’ll have a personal, knowledgeable guide to help you assess the quality of original construction as well as subsequent renovations and additions, and the value that those alterations add to, or detract from, the house. Christina continues to keep up with finish trends in modern Intown Atlanta home renovation and the general pricing of home upgrades. Christina will give you reasonable ballpark costs for minimal cosmetic changes, systems replacement, minor or major updates, or full-scale renovations.

It’s because Christina is exceptionally well-versed in the hallmarks of quality home construction and renovation that she’ll ensure that you’re not settling for an inferior product at an inflated price.

Beware: The Intown Agent may become your friend.

“We looked for a house off and on for more than a year and a half. . . Christina was never pushy about trying to make the sale and she truly listened to what [we] wanted in a house. It was a lot like house hunting with a friend!”— Deb & Stefan

Christina Rumbaugh doesn’t want to sell you a house; she wants to help you find your home.

The Intown Agent regularly works with all types of buyers:

The First-Time Home Buyer: Christina loves working with people who’ve never bought a home before. She understands that you’ll have a lot of questions and she has most of the answers… and what she doesn’t know, she’ll find out. Christina is open and candid and you’ll feel you can ask her nearly anything. You can even ask more than once.

The Move-Up Buyer: You’ve been through it. Maybe even a couple of times… but chances are you’ve never seen a marketplace like this one. Pulling off a back to back sale and purchase can be tricky, there sure are a lot of moving part, right? When you work with The Intown Agent team, you won’t need to worry about anything falling through the cracks. While you have the experts from our Listing Division completely focused on procuring the sale of your current home, Christina will be looking forward as she helps you target your next perfect home. The entire team at The Intown Agent will work together to make the entire process perfectly seamless for you… and we’ll have a great time doing it!

The Relocating Buyer: You may not know Atlanta, but Christina does. Intown Atlanta is made up of series of connecting neighborhoods. Each Intown community has it’s own particular style, quirk and whimsy. Christina knows the neighborhoods of Intown Atlanta frontways, backways and sideways and she’ll ensure that you’re considering all the Intown neighborhoods that may fit you and your lifestyle.

The Referred Buyer: If you’ve been sent to Christina by a friend, a professional colleague or even by another Realtor, make sure and say “Thank you!”. You’ve been referred to The Intown Agent because that person wanted to ensure that you have the very best home buying experience possible. Count yourself lucky!