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If she’s pushed, Christina Rumbaugh will tell you that Little Rock, AR is home because it’s there that she entered the world and it’s there she can still go when she wants to be surrounded by family… But the truth of the matter is far more magical! As the daughter of an Officer of the US Army, Christina was incredibly lucky to do her growing up all over the USA.

Christina’s path to her chosen career began early in her adulthood.

She spent much of her twenties working in fine antique restoration with an emphasis on pre-19th century picture frame restoration. Christina enjoyed the highly technical and very detailed work of fine art restoration and was a member of the society of gilders (a rare breed, indeed!). As a professional in the industry, she did onsite restoration and gilding work in many of our classic Intown neighborhoods and it was during this time that she fell in love with the unique architecture of Intown Atlanta… a passion that continues to this day.

In her next big venture, she was lead designer for a high-end stone and tile installation company.

And It was in this position that Christina gained her broad technical knowledge regarding home construction and renovation. She learned the many details important to quality modern home construction in addition to gaining a firm understanding of the correct way to renovate an older home. Studying under master craftsman, both on the job and in long after hours, she worked hard to gain a deep knowledge of the myriad details one should expect to see in a quality home construction. (that passion thing again…)

Surprise! The Intown Agent is a real person!

Christina shares her space with two astoundingly smart pups, Sammy and Seamus.  Her front door is continually opened to her beloved friends and family who’re scattered hither and thither around this big old beautiful world.

When Christina’s not working, she thrills to put on her oversized earphones and turn it all the way up to 11. And she potters. Sometimes she potters in the kitchen and sometimes she potters in the garden… that’s because pottering is just good stuff.

She also enjoys jumping up into her head to write in her ongoing personal blog and occasionally she’ll drop down into her feet to have another go at reaching an important personal goal she’s been running at for years, to find the perfect pair of shoes… this she knows for certain: wherever they are, they’re going to be Fluevogs.

And when she’s feeling a bit daring, Christina’s been known to strap on her backpack, turn her sights towards the trees and spend a few days deep in the woods hanging out with her gut while, together, they sneak up on the bears. (yes, really!)

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Christina with Sammy and Seamus